According to the real needs of the refugees, this time the AGP aid is distributed in the form of 3,220 kg of rice, 4,080 packs of instant noodles, 2,064 cans of canned fish, 2,064 packs of crackers, 24,000 bottles of mineral water, and 3,000 sheet masks. The number of refugees who received aids for two locations on the Palue island totaled 1,290 and spread over three locations in Maurole is 1,037 people. The delivery of this aid was conducted by Artha Graha Peduli Team with the Ende Police and Ende 1602 District Military Command that plunge directly into Palue by rent a resident motor boat to bring the aids. The round-trip distance traveled from Maurole (Flores Island) to the Palue Island is two hours by using a speed boat and three motor boats fully loaded with Artha Graha Peduli aids for Rokatenda eruption refugees.

The handover of the aids was attended by the Head of Artha Graha Bank Bali-NTT Region VI Max P Awaloei, Head of Artha Graha Bank Kupang Branch Prijanto Makmum, District Police Chief AKBP Sikka Musni Arifin and Ende 1602 District Military Commander Lt. Col. Asep Nurdin. Aids for the victims of the eruption of Mount Rokatenda which stayed in Palue Island delivered directly by the Head of Artha Graha Bank Bali-NTT Region VI and received by parish priest Uwa Romo Yan Faroca.

Clean water crisis

Assistance to Rokatenda victims this time more focused on mineral water and ready meals. This is because the condition of the Rokatenda victim who survives in Palue have the clean water crisis due to all the existing water supply in the island was contaminated with volcanic ash. Meanwhile, the aid distributed on February 9, 2013 in forms of 45 sacks of rice (2,070 kg), 2,016 cans of milk, 2,000 cartons of instant noodles, 500 cans of biscuits, 300 cartons of mineral water, 2,000 sheets of blanket, 2,500 masks, and 100 sheets of tarpaulins.

As done also when disaster strikes in other areas, AGP has endeavored to take emergency action to ease the burden of the victims. Even in some instances, AGP emergency response is the first team arrived in the disaster area, such as when an earthquake happens in Aceh, Padang, Yogyakarta and floods in Jakarta and the surrounding areas. This is the concern vision actualization of the leaders of Artha Graha Network (AGN), Tomy Winata, which emphasizes the social dimension and humanity of the existence of AGN. In the words of Mr. TW (Tomy Winata familiar greeting), although it is a corporation or business organization, AGN should be socially beneficial and appropriate to the situation or the humanitarian needs of the people, it is done with the philosophy of AGN, ” private own, public utility”. The Peoples around Mount Rokatenda in particular still expect the attention and support from the community and the Government. With the help from Artha Graha Peduli expected in addition to reducing the suffering of the victims, also could further arouse the public and other parties to get together to help the victims of the eruption of Mount Rokatenda.

“Orang Yang Berbahagia Bukanlah Orang Yang Hebat Dalam Segala Hal, Tapi Orang Yang Bisa Menemukan Hal Sederhana Dalam Hidupnya dan Mengucap Syukur”

“Kepedulian Kami adalah panggilan sebagai anak bangsa Indonesia untuk berbuat terhadap sesama yang tertimpa musibah”