Artha Graha Peduli and Strategic Reserve Command Inaugurate the SDN 4 Primary School Building in Sukabumi

Previously, the condition of the school is quite cause for concern because the roof had almost collapsed. This is disturbing the educational activities in the school. The school building consists of three blocks where there are eight classes to accommodate about 240 primary students. Renovations conducted with repairing the two class roof and the construction of the school field for sports activities or ceremonies.

The inauguration ceremony was enlivened by the SDN 4 School Choir who sang Sundanese songs and the “tumpeng” cutting. The peak event is the handing over of the keys by Lieutenant Colonel Saripudin – Representative of the Strategic Reserve Command to the Principal of SDN 4 Sukabumi. Artha Graha Peduli (AGP) Foundation as a form of social service of various business units, institutions and individuals who are fused in the Artha Graha Network (AGN) has always actively participated in carrying out the mission of caring for Indonesia, which emphasizes the social dimension, humanity and the environment, as outlined by the chairman of AGN, Tomy Winata.

“Orang Yang Berbahagia Bukanlah Orang Yang Hebat Dalam Segala Hal, Tapi Orang Yang Bisa Menemukan Hal Sederhana Dalam Hidupnya dan Mengucap Syukur”

“Kepedulian Kami adalah panggilan sebagai anak bangsa Indonesia untuk berbuat terhadap sesama yang tertimpa musibah”