Environmental Conservation Act

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Environmental Conservation Act

These activities include forest and fauna conservation, city environment conservation, protection and improvement of natural ecosystems, and infrastructure supporting urban environment.

Since 1997, AG Peduli has also working to develop the forest conservation to face the rapid changing of global climate through conserving Sumatrans tiger and the forest regularly. The result is Tambling Wildlife Nature Conservation (TWNC) – 45,000 hectares national park located in the South end of Sumatra Island. TWNC also has + 14,096 hectares of marine sanctuaries that consist the diversity of its flora, fauna and marine biota.

Subsequently, TWNC, A conservation park located in the southern tip of Sumatera in Lampung Province, in which they attempt to reintroduce “conflict tigers”—tigers that have attacked or killed humans—into the wild. Sumatran tiger is one of the endangered animals. TWNC has released five Sumatran tigers back to the TWNC forest, and also be able to release some other protected wildlife and animals such as crocodile and turtles.

At the moment, AG Peduli expanding its awareness effort on go-green campaign as our real contribution to prevent the global climate changes furthermore. Just last March 2013 ago, AG Peduli reinstate this movement again by planting mangroves for its conservation in the island of God called Bali. For this campaign, AG Peduli has specially appointed one of football’s most famous figure: Cristiano Ronaldo – to be the ambassador of “Aksi Peduli Mangrove” (Conserving Mangrove Act). Christiano Ronaldo step willing to be Mangrove Bali Ambassador, will increasingly world to love natural environment for Bali, and at same time bring direct massage to international that Indonesia is state and nation who love the environment.

In last April, Peduli Mangrove action conducted through cleaning the garbage and planting mangrove seedlings at Mangrove Forest area in Telaga Waja – Benoa Cape which was attended around 1.000 peoples from various elements of society and Goverment including school children in series to campaign “Save Mangrove, Save Earth”.

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“Kepedulian Kami adalah panggilan sebagai anak bangsa Indonesia untuk berbuat terhadap sesama yang tertimpa musibah”